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Marathon contre la Muco

par Jesper Florén

594,15 €

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Le projet
Les contributeurs
Les actus

Si le Covid/confinement le permet, le challenge aura lieu le 14 mars 2021.

If the Covid/confirment allows it, the challenge will take place on March 14th 2021.

In english below !

Dites-nous un peu plus sur votre défi!
La famille Florén reste mobilisée dans la lutte contre la Mucoviscidose. Cette année, on se lance dans un challenge familiale. Jesper va faire 21 tours d'environ 2km dans le Vallon (de Chavenay) à fin de cumuler 42,195 metres sur le compteur (soit un marathon entier). Les filles vont elles aussi faire un marathon mais en vélo (distance cumulée entre elles).

Dans la fiche "les actus" vous allez pouvoir suivre les 10 semaines de préparation pour le marathon, pour ceux qui s'y intéressent! :-)

Pourquoi ce projet vous tient-il au coeur ?
Ca fait des années que la famille FLOREN assiste au fabuleux Virade des Rois à St Germain-en-Laye tant que visiteur/contributeur et également tant que bénévole pour le triathlon à fin de supporter l’Association, et en particulier le fils de nos amis qui souffre de cette maladie. Cette année on s’engage donc encore plus contre la mucoviscidose en faisant participer activement toute la famille dans un défi sportif!

Quel est votre objectif?
Nous comptons récolter minimum 42.195 euros / semaine en moyenne, jusqu'à la date du marathon de Jesper (soit un total de 421.95€).

D'un point de vu perso, Jesper cherche également à (enfin) franchir la barre de sub 3h30 pour cette distance après deux premiers accomplis en 3h35 (Valencia 2018) et 3h42 (Paris 2019), un marathon abandonée (Amsterdam 2019 par cause de blessure) et un marathon annulé à la dernière minute à cause du Covid (Barcelone 2020). 



Tell us more about your challenge

The Florén family remains dedicated to the battle agains Cystic Fibrosis. This year, we launch ourselves in a family challenge. Jesper will run 21 laps around his home village Chavenay (in "the Vallon") in order to add 42,195 meters to his tally, i.e. a full marathon. My girls will also participate and will share the distance between them on their bikes! 

On this page, under the heading "Les Actus", you will be able to follow the 10 weeks of preparations for the marathon, in case you are interested! :-)

Why are you interested in this cause in particular? 

It's been several years that the Florén family is involved in this fabulous charity which is "Virade des Rois" in St Germain en Laye. Both as visitors, as course officials and also as athletes/fund raisers. The objective is clearly to support the Association and perhaps in particular the son of family friends who is suffering from this disease. This year, we commit even more in the battle against Cystic Fibrosis by engaging in a family sporting challenge.

What is your objective?
We aim to raise minimum 42.195 euros / week in average, until the date of Jesper's marathon (i.e. a total of 421.95€). Please help us get there!

On a more personal note, Jesper also aims to (at long last) finish a marathon in less than 3h30, after 2 earlier ones completed in 3h35 (Valencia 2018) and 3h42 (Paris 2019), one more abandonned (Amsterdam 2019 due to injury) and yet another one cancelled at the last minute due to Covid (Barcelona 2020).

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Emmanuelle CHIROL

20 €



Alejandro Garcia-Mella

42,20 €

Vamos Jesper!!!


Stéphane Gompertz

50 €


Gilles Ambrois

30 €


Bram Vanderelst

30 €

Great cause and an interesting challenge. Good luck Jesper!


Shilpa Mizzi

120 €

BRAVO Jesper!


30 €


BRUNO guy de chamisso

50 €

Merci pour ton engagement! Si Aparna courrait et mettait une photo, j'aurais mis plus...


Stephan Karlstedt

21,95 €


Emmanuelle Faucon

30 €

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  • Jesper Florén

    Créateur de la page


    Date fixed!

    Still subject to the confinement rules and the evolution of the pandemic, we have now fixed the date for my marathon challenge. I will do it on March 14th 2021. Keep your fingers crossed that this 3rd date will be the definitive one! 

    Meanwhile, I have kept myself very busy to chase my form from pre-covid. I finally reached it by mid-December after roughtly 10-11 weeks of intense efforts. All in all, I added 241km to my total yearly tally in December and I feel more than ready to attack the preparations for the March adventure.

    2020, despite all the problems we have had, gave me lots of pleasure on the tracks, roads and in the forrests and a few new records (* best time since I moved to France 25 years ago) :

    1km : 3'18*

    5km : 19'56*

    10km : 40'52*

    Yearly distance : >2330km (all time high)

    2021 has started in the same fashion and during my first week of preparations for the 42K challenge (last week), I chipped in 75km and started this week with one hour relaxed running in Chavenay/St Nom. More to come!

  • Jesper Florén

    Créateur de la page



    With a stop at the office in Frankfurt, I had to take the opportunity to do a couple of runs that were longer than the 1 hour that is allowed in France. Tuesday morning (17/11) I made it out to the Nidda Park in the western parts of Frankfurt and ran along the beautiful Nidda river. It was pitch-black, so I didn't see much of the river but I did enjoy the ambiance a lot, as well as the run. 16.5kms completed in aprx. 1h30. A good long slow run.


    On wednesday, after the office I ventured out again. This time with a bit more intensity as I aimed to do 2 x 5kms at an average pace of 13km/h (4'37/km). I took almost exactly the same direction as the morning before and I managed to hold the intended speed during the two intervals. I ended up averaging a little bit better even with 4'35/km average, mostly thanks to some left-over energy that I used up during the last 2-3 kms. 


  • Jesper Florén

    Créateur de la page



    As always, 2 days of weekend means at least two outings! A repeat performance of the last calm runs (11kms) on Saturday 14/11 which was slightly tougher than the previous ones (for no particular reason. Maybe lack of sleep or slightly warmer weather?). 

    Sunday offered no good / warm weather. Extreme wind and rain falling sideways, but I wanted to do hill-training so I did. 12 x 1 minute intervals in 4% inclination. It was tough but I kept a decent pace throughout <3'45/km average on the uphill sprints). Next run will be in Germany and I will profit from their "non-confinement" to try and do a slighly longer run. 

  • Jesper Florén

    Créateur de la page



    Another day at the (home)office, but starting the day with a run at 6am. Today : threshold exercise with 2 + 3 + 2 kms at 4'25mn/km tempo. 3 minutes "normal" jogg between the 3 intervals and - of course - warm-up to start off the session and a bit of jogg-down afterwards.

    Good feeling today. I am still (quite a) few seconds away from my form in September but I am getting there. Today, the GPS was not kind as he stole nearly half a kilometer during the 1 hour I was out (he was taking short cuts in the neighbours gardens, that I certainly didn't do). Great job. Cannot wait to do some longer runs again. 


  • Jesper Florén

    Créateur de la page


    November 10th

    I keep on working, in hope that the lock-down rules will change and allow longer runs than 1h in order for me to reprogram the marathon.

    Another hours of recovery run into the books yesterday and again, I did exactly the same run as previous relaxed runs in order to compare the tempo and pulse. The latter stayed virtually the same (135 bpm/avg) and I gained 3 seconds in tempo. Improvement!

    The most striking difference was the first 5km where I managed to keep the pulse below previous rounds, whilst enjoying a tempo that was considerably higher than previous rounds. 


  • Jesper Florén

    Créateur de la page


    Update Weekend 5-6 November


    Did nearly exactly the same run as last Saturday (Oct 30th) and Tuesday (Nov 3rd). 1hr slowish jogg to see if the pulse is finding its way back to the old shape. The pace improved ever so slightly (5'34/km vs. 5'37) whilst maintaining the pulse. Chipped in exacly 11kms to the tally.



    Time for some hard work again. Hilltraining! It is perhaps the best way to get the form back but I must admit that I was quite concerned with what the outcome would be. I did quite well though. Managed to do all 14 sprints (2 x (7x30')) at a decent pace. Good work!


  • Jesper Florén

    Créateur de la page



    Very disappointed with the announcements made by the President (new confinement here and not allowed out for more than 1 hr at the time, and max 1km from the house), I have again had to revisit my marathon plans. This comes as another blow, after having come back from the broken toe, the Achilles tendon problem and suffering from the Covid-virus for a short while. The marathon will have to wait. Not possible to prepare it without long runs of 2-3 hours which are not allowed.

    The training keeps on going, to make the preparation easier once the lock-down is over :


    13.5kms (2+3+2km at 4'30/km). 1h07 run (before the look down) with a 5'00/km pace on average including the warm-up and jogg-down


    1h relaxed run. 10.45kms at 5'42/km pace. All in and around Chavenay now that the confinement has started. Pulse is still very high after the "corona-break"


    2 x (8x 30/30). 30 second sprints and 30 seconds jogg. Tough effort with puls reaching close to max capacity (not common for short sprints like these). 10.35kms all-in-all with a 5'15/km pace (54m20s outing)


    Another 1hr relaxed run, almost identical trip to the one on October 31st. Pulse was considerably better despite a slightly higher pace. I stopped to help a lost man find his way, which made me an outlaw as I was out for more than an hour. 1h01 and 10.91kms (5'37/km pace).


    12 x 45/40 (45s sprint / 40s recovery). The pace on the sprints is around 3'50/km, which perhaps is not "bad", but it is 20s slower than what I usually do. Couldn't go faster as my pulse was at max. Very annoying that my form is so bad. Is it a Covid-effect? 2 1/2 full weeks of training now and I barely see any improvement. :-(

  • Jesper Florén

    Créateur de la page


    Week 12 / Session 1

    Legs a bit sore after Sundays interval training (and Saturdays biking perhaps?). Set out to do 1hr of recovery jogging this morning. Though the pace was slow, the pulse was not as low as it should have been. I am about 10 bpm higher still and it will take some weeks to get back on track. There are no short cuts. No pain - no gain! 


  • Jesper Florén

    Créateur de la page


    Week 11 / Session 4

    Yes! My first full week of training in over a month completed. Great feeling. Not only to run, but to feel the form coming back. We are still far away from the most recent peak (around September 15th, but we'll get back there and beyond by November 29th! That's the target at least! :-)

    Today : 12 x 60 second intervals and at quite a decent pace. 



  • Jesper Florén

    Créateur de la page


    Week 11 / Session 3

    Doctor's orders were not more than 3 sessions of running this week. In order to comply, session 3 became 50km of roadbiking including the infamous Beulle hill (category 4 climb, 5° over 3kms). The climb goes on for another 2kms, but with a much milder ascent. Strangely, I set a lot of records, but I guess that proves more how little biking I usually do compared to running. Abnormally tired in the afternoon. Work will have to continue and progress will have to be steady until November 29th.



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